Season 1Edit

Week Head of Household Noms (Pre-Veto) Veto Winner Noms (Post-Veto) Evicted
1 Yve Jimmy T., Wendy Alina Jimmy T., Wendy Jimmy T.
2 Sash Shannon, Tyrone Jane Shannon, Tyrone Tyrone
3 NaOnka Alina, Marty Jane Jill, Marty Jill
4 Shannon Chase, Sash Dan Chase, Sash Sash
5 Yve Chase, Jane Wendy Chase, Jane Chase
6 Shannon Brenda, NaOnka Holly Brenda, Kelly S. Kelly S.
Marty Jane, NaOnka, Shannon Wendy Jimmy J., NaOnka, Shannon Shannon, Jimmy J.
7 Alina Marty, Wendy Jane Marty, Wendy Wendy
8 Kelly B. Brenda, Marty Benry Brenda, Dan Dan
9 Yve Alina, Kelly B. NaOnka Alina, Kelly B. Kelly B.
10 Benry Brenda, NaOnka, Yve Benry Brenda, NaOnka, Yve Yve, NaOnka
11 Jane Holly, Marty Marty Fabio, Holly Holly
Fabio Alina, Jane Alina Brenda, Jane Jane
12 Benry Alina, Brenda Marty Alina, Fabio Fabio
13 Alina Brenda, Marty Alina Benry, Marty Marty
14 Alina Benry, Brenda - - Brenda
Contestants Week
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Alina Jimmy T. Tyrone Marty Sash Chase Brenda NaOnka HOH Brenda NOM Yve Fabio Jane NOM HOH Brenda WINNER
Benry Jimmy T. Tyrone Jill Sash Chase Kelly S. Jimmy J. Wendy Brenda Alina HOH Holly Jane HOH NOM NOM RUNNER-UP
Brenda Wendy Tyrone Jill Sash Jane NOM Jimmy J. Wendy NOM Kelly B. NOM Holly NOM Fabio Marty OUT
Marty Jimmy T. Shannon NOM Chase Jane Kelly S. Jimmy J. NOM Dan Alina NaOnka Holly Jane Fabio OUT
Fabio Jimmy T. Tyrone Jill Sash Jane Kelly S. NaOnka Wendy Dan Alina NaOnka NOM HOH OUT
Jane Wendy Shannon Marty Sash NOM Kelly S. Shannon Marty Dan Kelly B. Yve HOH OUT
Holly Wendy Tyrone Jill Sash Jane Brenda Shannon Wendy Brenda Kelly B. Yve OUT
NaOnka Wendy Tyrone HOH Chase Jane Kelly S. NOM Wendy Dan Kelly B. OUT
Yve HOH Shannon Jill Sash HOH Kelly S. Jimmy J. Wendy Dan HOH OUT
Kelly B. Jimmy T. Tyrone Marty Sash Chase Brenda NaOnka Marty HOH OUT
Dan Jimmy T. Shannon Jill Sash Chase Kelly S. Shannon Wendy OUT
Wendy NOM Tyrone Marty Sash Chase Brenda Shannon OUT
Jimmy J. Jimmy T. Shannon Marty Sash Chase Brenda OUT
Shannon Jimmy T. NOM Marty HOH Chase HOH OUT
Kelly S. Wendy Tyrone Jill Sash Jane OUT
Chase Wendy Tyrone Jill NOM OUT
Sash Wendy HOH Jill OUT
Jill Jimmy T. Shannon OUT
Tyrone Jimmy T. OUT
Jimmy T. OUT
Juror Alina Benry
Brenda Alina
Marty Benry
Fabio Benry
Jane Alina
Holly Alina
NaOnka Benry
Yve Alina
Kelly B. Alina
Dan Benry

Season 2Edit

Week Head of Household Noms (Pre-Veto) Veto Winner Noms (Post-Veto) Evicted
1 Grant Francesca, Kristina Grant Francesca, Kristina Francesca
2 Stephanie Grant, Ralph Grant Ralph, Sarita Ralph
3 Russell Grant, Mike Mike Grant, Steve Grant
4 Krista Natalie, Sarita Sarita Natalie, Steve Steve
5 Matt Rob, Russell Krista Phillip, Rob Phillip
Stephanie Mike, Sarita Sarita Matt, Mike Mike
6 David Ashley, Natalie Ashley Andrea, Natalie Natalie
7 Sarita David, Stephanie Rob Russell, Stephanie Russell
8 Matt Rob, Stephanie David Julie, Rob Julie
9 Ashley David, Kristina, Matt Sarita David, Krista, Kristina David, Krista
Sarita Grant, Rob Kristina Grant, Rob Grant
10 Ashley Kristina, Matt Kristina Matt, Sarita Matt
11 Kristina Rob, Stephanie Sarita Ashley, Rob Ashley
12 Rob Kristina, Sarita Sarita Andrea, Kristina Kristina
13 Andrea Rob, Sarita Stephanie Rob, Sarita Sarita
14 Rob Andrea, Stephanie - - -
Contestants Week
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Rob Francesca Ralph Steve Steve NOM Matt Andrea Russell NOM David NOM Matt NOM Kristina NOM Andrea WINNER
Stephanie Kristina HOH Grant Natalie Phillip Mike Natalie NOM Julie Kristina Grant Matt Ashley Kristina Sarita NOM RUNNER-UP
Andrea Francesca Ralph Steve Steve Rob Mike NOM Russell Julie Krista Grant Sarita Rob NOM HOH OUT
Sarita Francesca NOM Grant Natalie Rob Matt Natalie HOH Rob Krista HOH NOM Ashley Andrea OUT
Kristina NOM Sarita Grant Steve Rob Mike Natalie Russell Rob NOM Rob Sarita HOH OUT
Ashley Francesca Ralph Steve Steve Phillip Matt Andrea Russell Julie HOH Grant Matt OUT
Matt Francesca Ralph Steve Steve HOH NOM Natalie Stephanie HOH David Rob OUT
Grant HOH Ralph OUT Russell Julie David OUT
Krista Kristina Ralph Grant HOH Phillip Mike Natalie Russell Julie OUT
David Kristina Ralph Grant Steve Rob Mike HOH Russell Rob OUT
Julie Francesca Sarita Grant Natalie Phillip Matt Natalie Russell OUT
Russell Kristina Ralph HOH Natalie Phillip Mike Natalie OUT
Natalie Francesca Ralph Steve NOM Phillip Matt OUT
Mike Francesca Sarita Grant Natalie Phillip OUT
Phillip Francesca Sarita Steve Steve OUT
Steve Francesca Sarita NOM OUT
Ralph Francesca OUT
Francesca OUT
Juror Rob Stephanie
Andrea Rob
Sarita Stephanie
Kristina Rob
Ashley Stephanie
Matt Rob
Grant Rob
Krista Stephanie
David Rob
Julie Rob

Season 3Edit

Week Head of Household Noms (Pre-Veto) Veto Winner Noms (Post-Veto) Evicted
1 Stacey Coach, Sophie Keith Coach, Sophie Coach
2 Elyse Mikayla, Semhar Mikayla Brandon, Semhar Semhar
3 Sophie Christine, Stacey Christine Jim, Stacey Stacey
4 Dawn Brandon, Mikayla Dawn Brandon, Sophie Sophie
5 Whitney Albert, Mikayla, Papa Bear Christine Albert, Brandon, Papa Bear Albert, Papa Bear
6 Ozzy Christine, Mikayla Mikayla Christine, Brandon Brandon
7 Mikayla Elyse, Ozzy Ozzy Elyse, Jim Elyse
Rick Christine, Mikayla Whitney Christine, Mikayla Mikayla
8 Christine, Whitney Rick, Sophie Christine Rick, Sophie Rick
Whitney Christine, Ozzy Sophie Edna, Ozzy Ozzy
9 Cochran Keith, Whitney Sophie Keith, Whitney Keith
10 Sophie Christine, Whitney Edna Christine, Whitney Christine
11 Dawn Cochran, Sophie Whitney Cochran, Sophie Sophie
12 Jim Cochran, Edna Jim Dawn, Edna Dawn
13 Edna Jim, Whitney Jim Cochran, Whitney Cochran
14 Whitney Edna, Jim - -
Contestants Week
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Whitney Coach Brandon Stacey Sophie Papa Bear Brandon Elyse Mikayla HOH NOM NOM Sophie Edna NOM Jim WINNER
Edna Coach Semhar Jim Brandon Brandon Brandon Elyse Christine Rick NOM Keith Christine Sophie NOM HOH NOM RUNNER-UP
Jim Coach Semhar NOM Sophie Albert Christine NOM Mikayla Rick Ozzy Whitney Christine Sophie Dawn Cochran OUT
Cochran Sophie Semhar Stacey Sophie Papa Bear Christine Elyse Mikayla Rick Ozzy HOH Whitney NOM Dawn OUT
Dawn Coach Semhar Stacey Sophie Albert Brandon Elyse Mikayla Rick Ozzy Keith Christine HOH OUT
Sophie NOM Semhar HOH OUT Elyse Christine NOM Ozzy Whitney HOH OUT
Christine Coach Brandon Jim Brandon Albert NOM Elyse NOM HOH Ozzy Keith OUT
Keith Sophie Brandon Stacey Sophie Albert Christine Jim Mikayla Rick Ozzy OUT
Ozzy Sophie Brandon Stacey Sophie Albert HOH Jim Christine Rick OUT
Rick Sophie Semhar Jim Brandon Papa Bear Christine Jim HOH OUT
Mikayla Sophie Brandon Jim Brandon Brandon Brandon HOH OUT
Elyse Coach HOH Stacey Sophie Albert Brandon OUT
Brandon Coach NOM Jim NOM NOM OUT
Papa Bear Coach Semhar Stacey Brandon OUT
Albert Coach Semhar Jim Brandon OUT
Stacey HOH Brandon OUT
Semhar Coach OUT
Coach OUT
Juror Edna Whitney
Jim Whitney
Cochran Edna
Dawn Whitney
Sophie Whitney
Christine Whitney
Keith Whitney
Ozzy Whitney
Rick Edna
Mikayla Whitney

Season 4Edit

Week Head of Household Noms (Pre-Veto) Veto Winner Noms (Post-Veto) Evicted
1 Monica/Leif Alicia, Kat/Colton, Matt Sabrina/Matt Alicia, Kat/Colton, Michael Michael
2 Bill Alicia, Nina Bill Alicia, Nina Nina
3 Kat Bill, Matt Bill Leif, Matt Leif
Troyzan Christina, Kourtney Christina Alicia, Kourtney Alicia
4 Monica Matt, Tarzan Christina Matt, Tarzan Matt
5 Kourtney Chelsea, Colton Troyzan Bill, Chelsea Bill
6 Troyzan Christina, Tarzan Chelsea Christina, Tarzan Tarzan
7 Chelsea Colton, Jay, Troyzan Kat Colton, Kourtney, Troyzan Colton, Kourtney
Contestants Week
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Chelsea Michael Nina Leif Kourtney Matt NOM Tarzan HOH
Christina Michael Nina Leif Kourtney Tarzan Chelsea NOM Colton
Jay Alicia Nina Leif Alicia Matt Chelsea Christina Kourtney
Jonas Kat Alicia Matt Alicia Matt Chelsea Christina Kourtney
Kat NOM Nina HOH Kourtney Matt Bill Tarzan Colton
Kim Michael Nina Leif Kourtney Matt Bill Tarzan Colton
Monica HOH Alicia Matt Alicia HOH Chelsea Tarzan Colton
Sabrina Michael Nina Matt Kourtney Matt Bill Tarzan Troyzan
Troyzan Michael Nina Matt Alicia Matt Bill HOH NOM
Kourtney Alicia Alicia Matt NOM Matt HOH Tarzan OUT
Colton NOM Nina Leif Alicia Matt Bill Christina OUT
Tarzan Kat Nina Leif Kourtney NOM Bill OUT
Bill Alicia HOH Leif Alicia Matt OUT
Matt Alicia Alicia NOM Alicia OUT
Alicia NOM NOM Leif OUT
Leif HOH Nina OUT
Nina Kat OUT
Michael OUT

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