Season 3Edit

Contestant Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Stephanie Ashley Taylor Melissa LOW Amber - Bryce Justin Layla Keith Mackenzie LOW Grant Lindsay Ty LOW Taylor WINNER
Amber Ashley LOW Brandon Stephanie LOW - LOW Justin Courtney Keith Danielle Taylor Taylor Lindsay Taylor Courtney LOW RUNNER-UP
Brandon Ashley Taylor LOW Tony Camille Ryan - Justin Layla Keith Mackenzie Danielle LOW LOW Ty Stephanie LOW RUNNER-UP
Taylor Ashley LOW Brandon Tony Camille - Bryce Justin LOW Keith Mackenzie LOW LOW Lindsay LOW Courtney OUT Stephanie
Courtney Ashley Grant Melissa Stephanie Camille Ryan - Lindsay LOW Lindsay Danielle Danielle LOW Lindsay Ty OUT Brandon
Ty Ashley Mackenzie Brandon Tony Grant Ryan - Justin Courtney Keith Danielle Taylor Taylor Lindsay OUT Amber
Lindsay Ashley Grant Brandon Tony Grant - Bryce LOW Courtney LOW Mackenzie Danielle Grant OUT Stephanie
Grant Ashley LOW LOW Tony LOW - Bryce Justin Courtney Keith Danielle Taylor OUT Amber
Danielle Ashley LOW Melissa Tony LOW Ryan - Justin Layla Keith LOW OUT Stephanie
Mackenzie LOW LOW Melissa Tony Camille Ryan - Justin Layla Keith OUT Stephanie
Keith Ashley Grant LOW Stephanie Amber Ryan - Lindsay Layla OUT
Layla Ashley LOW Brandon Tony Grant - Bryce Justin OUT
Justin LOW LOW Grant Stephanie Amber LOW - OUT
Bryce Ashley Mackenzie Brandon Stephanie Camille - OUT
Ryan Ashley LOW Melissa Tony Amber OUT
Camille Ashley Amber Melissa Tony OUT
Tony LOW Taylor Melissa OUT
Melissa Ashley Mackenzie OUT
Howard Ashley OUT
Ashley OUT

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