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Season 1Edit

Contestants 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Eviction
Vanessa Jonathan Nelson Diana Emmitt Amber Melissa Cody Courtney Preston Diana Preston Erik Nominated Winner 0
Lindsay Jonathan Nelson Diana Emmitt Nominated Melissa Cody Courtney Preston Nominated Preston Nominated Frank Runner-up 4
Frank Jonathan Emmitt Diana Emmitt HoH Nominated Nominated Nominated Dustin HoH Erik HoH Nominated Evicted (Day 77) 4
Erik HoH Nelson Tricia Amber Amber Melissa Cody Courtney Dustin Diana Nominated Nominated Evicted (Day 70) 2
Preston Jonathan Nelson Tricia Emmitt Lindsay Frank Cody Courtney Nominated Lindsay Nominated Evicted (Day 63) 4
Diana Jonathan Emmitt Nominated Emmitt Amber Melissa Cody HoH Dustin Nominated Evicted (Day 56) 6
Dustin Jonathan Nelson Tricia Amber Amber Melissa HoH Frank Nominated Evicted (Day 56) 3
Courtney Nominated Emmitt Diana Emmitt Amber HoH Cody Nominated Evicted (Day 49) 4
Cody Jonathan Emmitt Tricia HoH Lindsay Frank Nominated Evicted (Day 42) 6
Melissa Jonathan Emmitt Tricia Emmitt Lindsay Nominated Evicted (Day 35) 5
Amber Jonathan Nelson HoH Nominated Nominated Evicted (Day 28) 7
Emmitt Jonathan Nominated Tricia Nominated Evicted (Day 28) 12
Tricia Jonathan HoH Nominated Evicted (Day 21) 6
Nelson Jonathan Nominated Evicted (Day 14) 6
Jonathan Nominated Evicted (Day 7) 12
Jury VotesEdit

Frank - Lindsay

Erik - Vanessa

Preston - Vanessa

Diana - Lindsay

Dustin - Vanessa

Courtney - Vanessa

Cody - Vanessa

Season 2Edit

Contestants 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Eviction
Amber Frank Vanessa Vanessa Cody Vanessa HoH Emmitt Preston Nominated Erik Nominated Nominated Erik Nominated Winner 1
Brendan Frank Diana Dustin Cody Nominated Tricia Emmitt Melissa Melissa Courtney Brooke Lindsay HoH Tony Runner-up 4
Tony Frank HoH Dustin Cody Brendan Tricia Emmitt Preston Melissa Courtney Brooke Lindsay Nominated Nominated Evicted (Day 77) 1
Erik HoH Diana Dustin Cody Brendan Tricia Emmitt Preston HoH Nominated Brooke HoH Nominated Evicted (Day 70) 2
Lindsay Frank Diana Dustin Cody Brendan Nominated Nominated Preston Melissa Courtney HoH Nominated Evicted (Day 63) 5
Brooke Melissa Diana HoH Cody Brendan Tricia Emmitt Melissa Melissa HoH Nominated Evicted (Day 56) 3
Courtney Frank Diana Vanessa Cody HoH Tricia Emmitt Melissa Amber Nominated Evicted (Day 56) 3
Melissa Nominated Diana Vanessa Emmitt Vanessa Lindsay Lindsay Nominated Nominated Evicted (Day 49) 11
Preston Frank Diana Dustin Emmitt Vanessa Lindsay HoH Nominated Evicted (Day 42) 4
Emmitt Frank Diana Dustin Nominated Vanessa Tricia Nominated Evicted (Day 36) 9
Tricia Melissa Vanessa Vanessa Emmitt Vanessa Nominated Evicted (Day 35) 6
Vanessa Frank Nominated Nominated HoH Nominated Evicted (Day 28) 11
Cody Melissa Diana Dustin Nominated Evicted (Day 21) 7
Dustin Frank Diana Nominated Evicted (Day 21) 7
Diana Melissa Nominated Evicted (Day 14) 10
Frank Nominated Evicted (Day 7) 9
Jury VotesEdit

Tony - Amber

Erik - Brendan

Lindsay - Brendan

Brooke - Amber

Courtney - Amber

Melissa - Amber

Preston - Brendan

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