Season 1Edit

Contestant/Islander Entered Exited Finished
Liana Day 3 Day 40 Winner
LeAndro Day 1 Day 40 Runner-Up
Janelle Day 1 Day 40 Third Place
Ayanna Day 7 Day 40 Fourth Place
Reyes Day 15 Day 40 Fifth Place
Alec Day 7 Day 39 Dumped
Jerica Day 17 Day 36 Dumped
Reynaldo Day 1 Day 32 Dumped
Jarod Day 3 Day 31 Dumped
Shantel Day 1 Day 31 Dumped
Shavonne Day 26 Day 28 Dumped
Anna Maria Day 1 Day 25 Dumped
Domenic Day 15 Day 24 Dumped
Kandace Day 17 Day 23 Dumped
Hayden Day 17 Day 20 Dumped
Avery Day 17 Day 18 Dumped
Cole Day 15 Day 16 Dumped
Shae Day 1 Day 14 Walked
Duncan Day 1 Day 14 Dumped
Ashley Day 1 Day 14 Dumped
Kourtney Day 1 Day 10 Dumped
Rickie Day 1 Day 7 Dumped
Bianca Day 1 Day 5 Dumped
Rocco Day 1 Day 5 Dumped
Contestants Day 2 Day 5 Day 7 Day 10 Day 14 Day 16 Day 18 Day 20 Day 23 Day 25 Day 27 Day 28 Day 31 Day 36 Day 39 Day 40
Coupling Public Vote Off Coupling Public Vote Off Coupling Public Coupling Coupling Coupling Coupling Public Coupling Public Public
Liana Not in Villa - Shantel Ashley 10th Cole Hayden 7th Reynaldo Reyes Reyes LeAndro 2nd LeAndro 3rd WINNER
LeAndro Anna Maria 12th Rickie Janelle 5th - Jerica 8th Jerica Jerica Jerica Liana 2nd Liana 5th RUNNER-UP
Janelle Rickie 3rd Shantel LeAndro 3rd Cole Reyes 5th Reyes Alec Alec Reyes 4th Reyes 4th THIRD
Ayanna Not in Villa Alec 2nd Cole Domenic 6th Domenic Reynaldo Reynaldo Alec 1st Alec 2nd FOURTH
Reyes Not in Villa - Janelle 11th Janelle Liana Liana Janelle 4th Janelle 1st FIFTH
Alec Not in Villa Ayanna 7th - Anna Maria 3rd Anna Maria Janelle Janelle Ayanna 1st Ayanna 6th Dumped (Day 39)
Jerica Not in Villa LeAndro 2nd LeAndro LeAndro LeAndro Reynaldo 3rd - Dumped (Day 36)
Reynaldo Kourtney 6th Rickie Anna Maria 4th - Kandace 14th Liana Ayanna Ayanna Jerica 3rd Dumped (Day 32)
Jarod Not in Villa - Rickie Shantel 1st - Shantel 9th Shantel Shantel Shantel Shantel 5th Dumped (Day 31)
Shantel Rocco 5th Anna Maria Jarod 12th Domenic Jarod 1st Jarod Jarod Jarod Jarod 5th Dumped (Day 31)
Shavonne Not in Villa - - Dumped (Day 28)
Anna Maria LeAndro 1st Shantel Reynaldo 9th Cole Alec 12th Alec - Dumped (Day 25)
Domenic Not in Villa - Ayanna 4th Ayanna Dumped (Day 24)
Kandace Not in Villa Reynaldo 10th - Dumped (Day 23)
Hayden Not in Villa Liana 13th Dumped (Day 20)
Avery Not in Villa - Dumped (Day 18)
Cole Not in Villa - Dumped (Day 16)
Shae Duncan 2nd Shantel Duncan 8th Walked (Day 14)
Duncan Shae 4th Rickie Shae 11th Dumped (Day 14)
Ashley Bianca 7th Duncan Liana 6th Dumped (Day 14)
Kourtney Reynaldo 9th Anna Maria - Dumped (Day 10)
Rickie Janelle 10th Duncan Dumped (Day 7)
Bianca Ashley 11th Dumped (Day 5)
Rocco Shantel 8th Dumped (Day 5)

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