Contestants Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
1 Elizabeth Elizabeth Alexander Stephanie Stephanie Erica Kara Jessie Jessie Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth Stephanie Stephanie Elizabeth
2 Enrique Taylor Jaime Alexander Kelly Jessie Derek Stephanie Elizabeth Derek Jessie Enrique Derek Elizabeth Derek
3 Kelly Jessie Enrique Jessie Erica Trey Erica Kara Stephanie Trey Kara Jessie Elizabeth Derek Stephanie
4 Stephanie Stephanie Taylor Erica Trey Stephanie Jamie Derek Trey Jessie Enrique Stephanie Jessie Jessie
5 Candace Derek Elizabeth Trey Derek Elizabeth Stephanie Trey Enrique Stephanie Derek Derek Enrique
6 Jay Kara Derek Derek Kara Jamie Jessie Erica Derek Kara Stephanie Kara
7 Jessie Heather Erica Kara Taylor Taylor Enrique Jamie Jamie Enrique Trey
8 Tasha Candace Stephanie Kelly Heather Derek Elizabeth Elizabeth Kara Jamie
9 Chelsea Grant Kara Heather Jessie Kara Heather Enrique Erica
10 Alexander Jay Shawn Elizabeth Enrique Enrique Trey Heather
11 Grant Kelly Jay Shawn Elizabeth Heather Taylor
12 Derek Shawn Heather Taylor Jaime Kelly
13 Krista Tasha Grant Jaime Shawn
14 Erica Enrique Kelly Enrique Alexander
15 Trey Erica Trey Grant
16 Shawn Trey Jessie Jay
17 Taylor Alexander Candace
18 Heather Jaime Tasha
19 Jaime Chelsea
20 Kara Krista

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