Season 1Edit

Contestants 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Eviction
Colin Terry Bethany Samuel Aaron HoH Derek Derek Brooke HoH Candace Johanna HoH Nominated Jonathan Nominated Brenda 1
Courtney Terry Brooke Brooke Jonathan Nominated Nicole Nominated HoH Andrea Alexander Johanna Nominated Colin Nominated John Nominated 6
Brenda Terry Bethany Samuel Aaron Alicia Derek Derek Alexander Andrea Alexander Johanna Spencer Candace Jonathan HoH Nominated Evicted (Day 98) 1
John Terry Brooke Samuel Aaron Alicia Nicole Derek Alexander Andrea Alexander Johanna Courtney Candace HoH Nominated Evicted (Day 91) 1
Jonathan Terry Brooke Brooke Nominated Alicia Nicole Derek Brooke Nominated Alexander HoH Spencer HoH Nominated Evicted (Day 84) 6
Candace Terry Bethany Samuel HoH Courtney Derek Derek Alexander Andrea Nominated Nominated Spencer Nominated Evicted (Day 77) 5
Spencer Terry Bethany Samuel Aaron Courtney Nicole HoH Brooke Andrea Candace Johanna Nominated Evicted (Day 70) 3
Johanna Terry Brooke HoH Jonathan Alicia Nicole Derek Brooke Jonathan Candace Nominated Evicted (Day 63) 5
Alexander Terry Bethany Samuel Aaron Courtney Derek Derek Nominated Andrea Nominated Evicted (Day 56) 7
Andrea Terry Bethany Samuel Aaron Courtney Nicole Derek Brooke Nominated Evicted (Day 56) 6
Brooke HoH Nominated Nominated Aaron Alicia Derek Derek Nominated Evicted (Day 49) 16
Derek Nominated Brooke Brooke Aaron Alicia Nominated Nominated Evicted (Day 42) 15
Nicole Terry Bethany Samuel Aaron Courtney Nominated Evicted (Day 35) 6
Alicia Terry Brooke Brooke Jonathan Nominated Evicted (Day 35) 6
Aaron Terry HoH Brooke Nominated Evicted (Day 28) 9
Samuel Derek Bethany Nominated Evicted (Day 21) 8
Bethany Terry Nominated Evicted (Day 14) 8
Terry Nominated Evicted (Day 7) 14


Week Winner Competitors
1 Candace Jonathan Derek Terry Brooke Andrea
2 Aaron Nicole Jonathan John Candace Bethany
3 Spencer Courtney Jonathan Brooke Samuel Johanna
4 Derek John Johanna Jonathan Candace Aaron
5 Johanna Jonathan Colin Andrea Alicia Courtney
Courtney John Colin Candace Johanna Derek
6 Brooke Colin Alexander Spencer John Courtney
7 Andrea Alexander Courtney Candace Johanna Brooke
8 Courtney Colin Alexander Andrea Jonathan Johanna
Johanna Jonathan Spencer Candace Alexander Courtney
9 Jonathan Brenda Spencer Johanna Courtney Candace
10 Jonathan Colin Courtney Brenda John Spencer
11 Courtney Colin John Brenda Jonathan Candace
12 Brenda Colin John Jonathan Courtney -
13 Courtney Brenda John Colin - -


Jury Vote
Brenda Colin
John Colin
Jonathan Courtney
Candace Colin
Spencer Courtney
Johanna Colin
Alexander Colin
Andrea Courtney
Brooke Courtney

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